Monday, April 17, 2017

Blue whales have arrived!!

With a blue sky and a blue sea we spent our day with blue whales! We found two of them traveling togheter both in the morning and afternoon tours. Blue whales are migratory, and here in the Azores we are very lucky because we can see them every year mainly during spring months, in a shorter period than other baleen whales. At this time of the year Azores becomes an oasis, phytoplanktonic blooms favours the aggregation of predators around, and food for whales is available quite close to the shore. Blue whales take their chance to feed for a while and recover strength to continue on their migration route, travelling northwards to spend the summer in their feeding grounds.
Common and bottlenose dolphins were also seen.

The blowhole of the whale

Dorsal of the whale, this is only a small part of it

In this photos we can appreciate the big blowholes they have

The whale before diving curves its back

Bottlenose dolphin jumping into the water

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