Friday, April 14, 2017

Fin whale and a humpback whale

Today we had four different species! In the morning, after a long time searching, we spotted a young humpback whale close to shore, and from our zodiac boats some common dolphins were also seen. During the afternoon we found four big fin whales far to the west. On the way to the fin whales our catamaran crew also came a cross an active group of striped dolphins. During the last days the sea conditions have not made our work easy, and those who did whale watching with us know that they always have to be prepared for adventure. Encounters with wild animals, especially baleen whales, requires patience and a lot of attention, since they are in the middle of their migration and stop in the Azores to rest and feed before continuing thei way to northern waters. When they are feeding they come to the surface to breathe briefly and dive again for five to ten minutes, or even more. When we find them travelling, which was the case with the fin whales this afternoon, it is easier to accompany them, travelling alongside them and appreciating their majesty.

Photos from the morning:

Humpback whale surfacing to breathe

Humpback whale

Two of our zodiac boats this morning

Photos from the afternoon:

One of the fin whales travelling near one of our zodiacs

Fin whale head - notice the white lower jaw

Our two zodiac boats in the afternoon

Striped dolphins

Striped dolphin leaping

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