Friday, April 28, 2017

Rough sea full of Baleen Whales!

After a couple of days with strong wind and wavy sea we managed to go out today and what a day! We have found four different baleen whale species during our tours. The sea conditions were not the best, but finally all our clients were smiling after seeing four of the largest whales on earth in just one trip. We are confirming every day we go out, that this is the right time in the Azores to see baleen whales. In the morning tour we started with fin whales, followed by a blue whale, a humpback whale and 4 sei whales! Usually we don't find so many species together in one area, but today all of them were probably feeding around the same place. In the afternoon the wind calmed down and the fin whales started coming out everywhere. We counted about 5 different animals around in one area. In the distance we still saw a sei whale's fin but we could not see it well. The day ended in the best way ...with a big blue whale!!!

Photos from this morning:

Humpback whale (notice the white pectoral fin through the water)

Humpback whale blow

Blue whale

Sei whale dorsal fin (very distinct and pointy in this species)

Fin whale (our fourth whale species for the morning tour)

Photos from this afternoon:

Mother-calf pair of fin whales this afternoon

Balaenoptera borealis | Sei whale

Balaenoptera physalus | Fin whale

Balaenoptera musculus | Blue whale

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