Saturday, April 22, 2017

The amazing baleen whale season

We keep enjoying the baleen whale season! We started the morning tour heading West, it took us time to find the first animals but we managed to see a nice group of  common dolphins. Not far away from the common dolphins there was another group of dolphins from another species: bottlenose dolphins

After the dolphins we had great news from our lookout... A fin whale

The fin whale we found in the morning was feeding, a behaviour that we see really often in the Azores during the spring time. This is the perfect place for them to rest and to "recharge their batteries" before they arrive to their summer feeding grounds.

The clients from the afternoon tour could enjoy with the same species than the morning tour...first a small group of bottlenose dolphins (the familiar group we refer to as "Bubblemaker's group" and then another fin whale (a different individual to the one from the morning) further to the West, where we had beautiful views of the West coast of São Miguel Island. What a day!

Photos from the morning:

Fin whale from our client Lars Olsen

Fin whale  surfacing (note the white colour from the lower jaw)

 Dorsal fin from the fin whale

Bottlenose dolphin breaking the surface

Photos from the afternoon:

Fin whale surfacing to breathe

Fin whale (notice the two blowholes on top of the head)

Fin whale

Fin whale

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Ferraria

Bottlenose dolphin

One of our zodiac boats this afternoon

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