Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Whales among the waves

Today we went out in the morning with two zodiac boats and our catamaran Quatro ventos. 

We started the trip heading East where our lookout found two humpback whales, we could see them quite close to our boat allowing us to take great pictures from their tails. It is possible to recognise the different individuals from this species using the pictures from the underside of its tail.

As soon as we were back to our office we checked the tails in our catalog... no matches today! We will share these pictures with more catalogs from the North Atlantic, let's see if "our" whales have been seen else where.

After the two humpback whales we had another call from our lookout... a family of sperm whales was around the area! Different boats from our company could see different animals, we saw both females and males!

Starting the way back we found a group of bottlenose dolphins. It was really nice to see babies! they were full of energy bow riding the boat, playing with the waves.

Our catamaran Cuatro Ventos could also see a group of common dolphins travelling fast between the waves.

The afternoon trip was cancelled due to the weather conditions... Let's see what we have tomorrow... every day is really different in spring time!

Photos from today:

 A humpback whale next to our boat

Humpback whale surfacing

The tail of the humpback whale

 Sperm whale going for a dive

Sperm whale among the waves

Bottlenose dolphin

A group of bottlenose dolphins close to the coast

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