Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A day spent with the largest animals on earth

It's another whale of a day in São Miguel. We spent this fine day in the company of the largest animals on earth! During both the morning and afternoon tours we encountered both blue whales (the largest) and fin whales (the second largest). It's always such a humbling experience to be in the company of these giants of the oceans. But our smaller cetacean friends, the dolphins, are also exciting to encounter. In the morning we found a small group of common dolphins, and in the afternoon a very large group of bottlenose dolphins. These dolphin friends came to our boat to swim alongside us and enjoy our company, as we did theirs. So, two resident dolphin species to add to our sightings of the day, alongside the migratory blue whale and fin whales. 

Photos from today:

Blue whales were very active on the surface; this one showed its tail

Here we can see very clearly the pattern of the whale's body. We use this especific pattern to identify the individual

This red patch in the water is poo of the whale, they feed on krill so that's the color of the waste

The dorsal of the blue whale, see the diference with the photo below that corresponds to a fin whale

Dorsal of the fin whale

The big blow of the whale could be seen from far away

Fin whale

Bottlenose dolphins were very active, this one was jumping

The see was also full of turtles! Here a loggerhead

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