Thursday, May 11, 2017

Another fin(e) day

Today fin whales were constantly travelling. Did you know that baleen whales (Balaenopteridae) are among the fastest cetaceans?? Their hydrodynamic body shape allows them to travel up to 25 miles per hour (~50 km/h)! Travelling thousands of miles between their breeding and feeding grounds becomes easier with these speeds.
Furthermore, we found a curious loggerhead turtle and a playful group of common dolphins.

We have great news today! Analyzing our humpback whale photos of this season, we've found that one of the whales sighted last month, has been sighted here also last year! Probably it was travelling north, as it was seen again in July and September 2016 in Iceland, where food for them should be available in summer.

With our daily work we are discovering step by step a little bit more about our gentle giants. 

Photos from today:

Balaenoptera physalus | Fin whale

Caretta caretta | Loggerhead turtle

Photo of our re-sighted humpback:

Megaptera novaeangliae | Humpback whale

Photo taken on one of our April tours

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