Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fin whales!!!

The spring weather continues installed in the Azores. Instable, wavy and windy, but full of baleen whales everywhere! Today we have seen in both trips, morning and afternoon, several fin whales around. Even with the not perfect weather, they came very close to the boats. They were curious, so we had the opportunity to see them quite close! Most fin whales have been seen the last years in spring time, but we still have sightings the rest of the year too. Also today we have seen plenty of flying fish around! Amazing how this fish can fly such a long distance out of the water!

Balaenoptera physalus | Fin whale- We can see the two blowholes open for inhalation 

Balaenoptera physalus | Fin whale- exhalation

Balaenoptera physalus | Fin whale- Whitish color of right lower jaw.

Balaenoptera physalus | Fin whale

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