Friday, September 29, 2017

Mr. Liable around!

We started the day with some clouds in the sky but we take a chance of going out and it was rewarded in the end! In the morning trip the first specie that we saw was the common dolphin, a very small group but they were a bit curious with the boat. We continued our trip and we encountered specie of dolphin, this time it was a seasonal specie, the Atlantic spotted dolphin. Very big group with a lot of adults and juveniles and we also some mating behavior among them …working for the next generation of babies! The morning trip ended with a juvenile of a sperm whale.

In the afternoon we had some rain and also a lot of sun …typical Azorean weather. We started by seeing the most famous sperm whale in the Azores, Mr. Liable alongside with a female also known here as Marble …maybe a girlfriend, who knows. After that we went to an area with some Atlantic spotted dolphins very playful and very curious as well. In the end we had a pod of bottlenose dolphins with some babies to. 

The beaturiful tail of Mr. Liable

'Marvble' has already been seen with Mr Liable several times

Bottlenose dolphins were very active today

And many babies in the group!

   -Common dolphins were also very active and friendly with the boats:

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