Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Whale of a time

This morning we met Mr. Liable our most frequent seen sperm whale male. He went for a deep dive and presented us his famous fluke which is easily recognizable like a finger print. We also encountered common dolphins in the morning and afternoon. In the afternoon we went along the coast to the far east end of the island. On our way there we also observed a big group of Risso's dolphins coming quite close. Beautiful moments to see, from the baby to the white scared adults, all different age classes. Close to the edge of the rain we enjoyed a Sei Whale accompanied by Atlantic spotted dolphins. On our long ride back along the south coast we got scenic views of the south coast of São Miguel in the evening light, a close look at the islet of Vila Franca do Campo and even a rainbow behind us.

Photos from today:

Common Dolphin with it's colorful hourglass design

Risso's Dolphins

Risso's Dolphins Smile

Mr Liable Tail

Mr Liable
Sei Whale next to an Atlantic Spotted dolphin
Typical Sei Whale appearance, big straight blow at the same time visible as the fin

Young Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

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