Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A fin less sei whale and FALSE KILLER WHALES!

Today we had such a memorable day at the sea! In the morning trip we saw a huge pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins feeding with Cory's shearwater! We were enjoying the dolphins when our lookout spotted some blows! When we arrived the area: sperm whales! we started with 3 individuals and when one dived, we saw a calf breaching! In the end we saw 7 different individuals! When we were leaving the area, a different blow was seen! A baleen whale blow! We approached and we saw something very unique! a Sei whale without dorsal fin :O it was damaged! In our way back we spotted some stripped dolphins and a small pod of common dolphins.

In the afternoon trip we had such an amazing surprise! Half mile from the coast a small pod of FALSE KILLER WHALES! They were spread out and moving really fast, but suddenly our clients from the zodiac were surprised by a close call from a false killer whale! It was just speechless! After them, we continued our trip and we saw two blows! Like in the morning, sperm whales! But this time, only two. A male and a female! Our famous Mr. Liable was with a female and they both showed their tails! When we were returning to Ponta Delgada we saw some bottlenose dolphins!

Photos from today:

Mr. Liable surfacing 
Mr. Liable diving

False killer whale surfacing
False killer whale close call to our zodiac

Sei whale surfacing
Sei whale without dorsal fin!

Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping
Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping
Bottlenose dolphin jumping

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