Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A morning with our resident sperm whales and dolphins

This morning the sea had calmed down enough for us to go out whale and dolphin watching and luck was on our side. Between our different boats that went out we encountered three of our resident species. We started with two resident dolphin species: common dolphins were seen from our first boats that went out, while or second catamaran came across a small group of Risso's dolphins. Next we encountered sperm whales, which are also resident in the Azores. There were several sperm whales around, and it turned out to be the same very curious group that we encountered last week. Just like last week we encountered a young calf in this group, and towards the end of the encounter this young one became a bit curious towards our boat. We ended our sperm whale sightings nicely by seeing the tail of an adult, an individual who we call "Left tip".

Photos from today:

An adult sperm whale we call "Left tip" close to São Miguel Island

"Left tip" the sperm whale with two common terns flying overhead

The final moment - "Left tip" the sperm whale showing us her tail

Today the Risso's dolphins were difficult to photograph so one fin tip is all we managed

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