Friday, October 13, 2017

Last day before 'Ophelia'

Today was our last day out on the ocean before we expect tropical storm "Ofelia" to arrive tonight. We started the morning with a nice group of common dolphins that were keenly bowriding in front of our boats. Next we searched further out to try to find whales, but even though we didn't find them we did encounter a large group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. They were very active with lots of high jumps and also a lot of seabirds around, indicating they were most likely feeding.

In the afternoon we returned to the sea, starting again with our friendly common dolphins. Again they did not disappoint us and we got to see them very well, with a lot of social behaviours. Next we went a bit further to a large group of bottlenose dolphins that were going on dives, probably in search of food. We had a nice look at these dolphins before going inshore to enjoy the views of the coastline, including Vila Franca Islet.

Some photos of the morning tour:

Some of our curious common dolphins:

Swimming very close to the rubber boat

 -Atlantic spotted dolphins are still around:

Photos from the afternoon:

 Bottlenose dolphins

The last day of good weather for a while, enjoying the views of Vila Franca islet

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