Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mr Liable with a new female sperm whale

Our well known male sperm whale "Mr Liable" was back off São Miguel Island today. This time we saw him with a new female, one that we did not have in our photographic catalogue yet, so she will be a new addition. During our morning tour we had a really great and lucky moment - we saw the tails of the two sperm whales at the same time. It's not often that it happens like this! We even had time to see them twice, as we returned to see the same pair 45 minutes later when they returned from their deep dive. In between our sperm whale encounters we also had time to encounter two of our resident dolphin species: common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. It was a very complete morning with our whales and dolphins.

Photos from today:

One of our zodiac boats with the two sperm whales

Mr Liable (left side) with a female sperm whale (right side)

Going on a deep dive

Bottlenose dolphin

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