Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October 2017 sighting statistics

Another month has come to an end, so we have our new sighting statistics for the month in, and it's been a great month for whale and dolphin watching off São Miguel Island in the Azores. During October we encountered a total of 11 different cetacean species (5 whale species and 6 dolphin species). This year it seemed like a never ending summer, as great weather conditions and sightings more typical of mid-summer continued right until the end of the month. We've been seeing more sperm whales than usual, as well as big feeding groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins which are very typical of the warmer months in the Azores. We even had a day with Bryde's whales, which to our surprise turned out to be the mother and calf pair that we have been watching the whole summer. Another great surprise was a tour with two blue whales that were travelling at great speed and coming high out of the water. Every tour brings us a new surprise, we really never know what we will see!

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