Saturday, October 21, 2017

Our most well-known sperm whale family

Today was another sperm whale day in São Miguel, Azores. We had our well known family group that we refer to as the "red group" not far from the coastline. In the morning we encountered at least 3 adults and a calf (the same curious calf that approached our boats last week). Among these adults we could identify individuals we call "Bear paw" and "Orca". In the afternoon we encountered the same group, but this time 3 different individuals from this large family group. In the afternoon we identified individuals we call "Diamond", "Small u" and "Marble". As for dolphins, we also encountered some common dolphins in the morning and our swimming clients could enjoy them underwater.

 Photos from the morning:

Sperm whale approaching our boat

The three sperm whales (two adult females and a baby) that we have been seen during last week

Female sperm whale tail
Common dolphins

 Photos from the afternoon:

A juvenile sperm whale we call "Diamond"

An adult female sperm whale we call "Marble"

An adult female sperm whale we call "Marble"

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