Tuesday, October 10, 2017

She did it again!!

This morning we have seen several sperm whales. We found a family of them breathing calmly on the surface, and going sometimes on mid-water dives. At some point, they all got together and started to touch each other, to roll on its side, and to spy us with their heads out of the water. They were amazing! Furthermore, at least three of them showed their tail when going for a long and deep dive during our tour. Common dolphins were friendly and they got very close to our boat.

In the afternoon we saw several tails of sperm whales. We have seen different animals within the same area, one of them was very curious and dived really close to us. We ended the trip with a group of Risso´s dolphins. They were very spread out but we managed to see them very well, thanks to the captain!

When we came back to the office we checked the photos we took and what a nice surprise, we found out that the female whale is "Bear paw", one of the sperm whales already identified in our catalog. We saw her yesterday, this morning.. and Oops she did it again this midday!!!!

Photos from today:

Sperm whales socialising this morning
Common dolphin

Heads of sperm whales out of the water

Sperm whale going for a dive

Risso´s dolphin

There she is: Bear paw!!

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