Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Under the breaching!

In the morning today we have seen two of our three resident dolphin species. Common dolphins were playing with the boat for a while, and we could perfectly see their beautiful yellow colouration. Bottlenose dolphins were not very interested in us because they had better things to think about. Feeding! They were very active feeding under a big group of shearwaters. Lovely to see them!

In the afternoon tour we travel far, very far, to the very far west! And then also a bit further north, where we could see the north coast of the island! But the long way was worthwile. We tried and we got it! Plenty of sperm whales around our boat, at least 12. The show was amazing, fabulous, great... no words are enough to describe it. Three breachings out of the water, 10 tail slapping, spyhopping (half body out of the water), a couple of tails, and lots of sperm whales everywhere. And if that was not enough, don't forget the Atlantic spotted dolphins we have seen before the sperm whales (we didn't see them the last few days) and the few bottlenose dolphins found together with the sperm whales.

Photos from today:

One sperm whale breaching, this is common when they want to gather the group

Another sperm whale jumping

Some of the whales were together and socialising

More whales together, we had at least 15 whales

One beautifull tail

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