Friday, November 10, 2017

Riding the waves with dolphins

This morning we went out for a fun ride on the waves aboard our catamaran Cetus. We had two great encounters with our resident common dolphins. Both groups were very active - the first group was travelling, often leaping out of the waves together in large groups while the second group was actively feeding at the surface, together with a lot of Cory's shearwaters. We even managed to spot a juvenile bottlenose dolphin together with the first group of common dolphins. It was a fun morning on the ocean with the dolphins and some nice views of the island with several rainbows along the way.

Photos from today:

Can you spot the bottlenose dolphin among the common dolphins?

Cory's shearwater coming in to land

Common Dolphin

Common Dolphins

Common Dolphin

Cory's shearwater

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