Friday, November 24, 2017

Risso's dolphins

This morning we went out for a whale watching trip in our catamaran Cetus! The conditions were not the best, we had some wind blowing strong from north-east and so the ocean was a bit ruff, still we tried our luck and it was worth it. We started the trip moving to the west of the island (in the south coast) looking for some dolphins that our lookout spotted before but after reaching the area we had no luck finding them. We decided then to leave and travel to the east part. When we passed by a fishing boat we saw some dorsal fins and..  a nice group of Risso's dolphins. Adults, sub-adults and even some juveniles all together and this time they were not shy at all. They passed quite close to our boat and we all saw the scars and how gorgeous this animals can be! Today only one species, but a speechless sighting. 

Photos from today:

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