Friday, December 15, 2017

Sperm Whales family

This cold morning we went out for a whale watching trip in our catamaran since the sea conditions were good. We started our trip with a nice pod of common dolphins. About 30 individuals all together and they were really active! They performed some bow ridding and some of them were even mating. We know this because they were belly with belly and performing some fast movements and splashing a lot. Other clue was the color of the belly (normally is white but when they are in contact each other became pink). We enjoyed them and we decided to continue our trip in order to do not disturb the dolphins. Good news from the lookout!! He spotted some blows near Vila Franca. After travelling a bit, we spotted the blows!! What a good surprise! Sperm whales!! In the beginning we spotted just one, but after some minutes: 3 adults and a calf! They were close each other but went for a shallow dive. While we were waiting them to surface again, we saw other blows! Another 5 individuals! We approached slowly and they went as well to a shallow dive. We finished the sighting spotting again the same 4 in the beginning and since we were really far away from Ponta Delgada we decided to leave the area and start our way back. Just before leaving, we tested our new brand hydro phone to check if there were more individuals coming from the bottom but since they were not performing clicks we were not allowed to listen to them.. It was really  good to see the sperm whales again! We missed them! 

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