Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tourist of the sea during Winter

What is going on? This morning, after a week of bad weather, we went out to see some whales and dolphins and… unbelievable we found a nice huge group of the summer tourists of the Azorean waters, the Atlanticspotted dolphins. This specie, Stenella frontalis is sighted in summer when waters are warm and not in December like happened today. Another curiosity was that this group had some babies
which is not very normal. The Atlantic spotted dolphins normally come to the Azores around June, they reproduce, have their babies here (11 to 12 months of gestation) and then they go away, more or less, in November… so why are they still here? Could be that the waters are still warm enough for them due global warming, could it be something else…but something is going on.

Juvenille Atlantic Spotted Dolphin jumping

Big Jump

One More!

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