Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday | Dolphin Watching Azores

This morning we had a break in the bad weather and we were able to go out on the sea with two of our zodiac boats. We had some really nice encounters, first with a group of Risso'sdolphins that were socialising and often passing close to our boats. Next we tried to find a baleen whale that our lookout had spotted, but even though we didn't manage to find it we did encounter two groups of common dolphins. The first group was feeding and we could actually see the ball of fish that they were feeding on at the surface. The second group was very playful and came really close to our boats to check us out. Between our dolphin encounters we also did our part to help clean up the oceans by removing several pieces of plastic that we came across in the water.

Risso's dolphins

Common dolphins

Zodiac boat

Risso's dolphins

Zodiac boats

Common dolphins

The ball fish

Risso's dolphin

Removing several pieces of plastic 

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