Friday, April 27, 2018

Blows of whales everywhere!

The south coast of S. Miguel is surrounded by whales. In the morning we started with the first and the second largest animal in the planet, the blue whale and the fin whale and if we look around we could see apouts ine every direction. We ended the first tour of the day with a group of bottlenose dolphins where we saw a very well known dolphin that we call Egípcio (Egyptian), that is a dolphin with dorsal fin with triangular shape.
In the afternoon tour we saw the same species but a few minutes later after we arrived to the blue whale, bottlenose dolphins showed up and started to swim around the whale and doing "bow-riding". Sometimes the whales can be annoyed by dolphins causing them to do a deeper dive ...but in the end we saw a big tail coming out of the water and going again to the depths of the oceans.

A bottlenose dolphin we call Egípcio

Blue whale blow

Blue whale dorsal

Blue whale near São Miguel Island

Blue whale tail

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Fin whale blow

Fin whale dorsal

Fin whale surfacing

Our zodiac with bottlenose dolphins

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