Sunday, April 8, 2018

Futurismo takes part on 32 nd European Cetacean Society Annual Conference

Our marine biologists from Futurismo are not just guides; they also do research with the data we collect during our whale watching tours. As our clients may notice in all our tours we make photographs of the animals and we always collect specific data (GPS location, number of animals, behaviour…).

When weather conditions don’t allow us to go out to the sea, we analyze all those photos and data to better understand and learn about cetaceans of the Azores. 

As a result of the hard work of the team of biologists from Futurismo, three of our members (Biagio Violi, Marina Gardoki and Victor Ojeda) are presenting their scientific posters in the 32 nd European Cetacean Society Annual Conference that will be held in La Spezia (Italy)

Have a look at their posters and come and find us at the Conference!

- Ojeda, V; Montoya, C; van der Linde, M; González, L. 2018. Complex temporal distribution of fin whales and sei whales in the Azores. (Conference code: HD23)

- Gardoki, M; González, L; van der Linde, M; Azevedo, JMN; Fernández, M. 2018.
Mr. Liable, a resident male in the Azores? (Conference code: DA18)

- Violi, B & dos Santos, RP. 2018. Occurrence of fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) in
the Azores archipelago: assessment on its migration behavior and first photo-ID catalogue of the area. (Conference code: DA08)

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