Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Giant whales day in the Azores

Today was amazing out on the ocean. We started with the biggest animal in the world - a majestic blue whale which we got to see very well. In the afternoon we had two very special encounters. One with a Minke Whale, it that happens very infrequently, and a humpback whale that was tail breaching and waving its pectoral fins out of the water. From our photos we could determine it was a whale we saw here last year and that was also seen off Iceland in 2016. We also encountered 3 fin whales in the afternoon and a group of at least 80 bottlenose dolphins throughout the day. The cherry on top today were the loggerhead turtles that we also encountered on this beautiful sunny day.

In Pico Island we saw four Blue whales and five fin Whale! Thanks Mother Earth 😊

Photos by Mariana Silva, Miranda van der Linde, David Rodrigues e Rui Santos

Blue whale

Fin Whale

Fin Whale

Fin whale blow

Minke whale

Minke whale

Humpback whale dorsal

Humpback whale pectoral fin (white) and tail tip (black)

Humpback whale tail breaching

Humpback whale pectoral fin waving

Humpback whale tail

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Loggerhead turtle

Whale Watching tour 

Watching common dolphins

Blue whale watching in Pico Island

Blue whale tail watching in Pico Island

Fin Whale watching in Pico Island 

Cory’s shearwater in Pico Island 

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