Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March sighting statistics

March… the beginning of the spring… an exciting month in Futurismo as is when the baleen whale season stars for us; so far only fin whales have paid us a visit and some blue whales were already sighted by our lookouts! So, they are close…

This march we have gone a total of 17 days out to the ocean and specially in the second half of the month, the beginning were some really ‘stormy’ days.

A total of 6 species have been seen by our boats, including of course the resident ones (sperm whales, common, bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins), the lovely false killer whales and of course the fin whales!

Sighting frequency

Golfinho comum | Common dolphin                                    100%

Roaz corvineiro | Bottlenose dolphin                                     76%

Baleia comum | Fin whale                                                      47%

Golfinho de Risso | Risso's dolphin                                        18%

Falsa orca | False killer whale                                                 6%

Cachalote | Sperm whale                                                        6%

We hope April comes with better weather and with many many whales!

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