Thursday, April 19, 2018

Risso's dolphins and Fin whales | Whale and dolphins watching tour | Thursday

Today was the day of the Risso's dolphins in São Miguel. We had a large group of at least 30 Risso's dolphins together, seen throughout the day and within close proximity of our boats. Usually the Risso's dolphins here are quite shy around boats, but not today! In the morning they seemed to be socialising, almost jumping out of the water and in the afternoon they were grouping up but very calm and seemed to be resting. We also encountered fin whales during the morning tour: a mother and baby pair. They were surfacing frequently and we got to see them really well, to the delight of our passengers. In the morning we also had a boat of for swimming with the bottlenose dolphins, adding a third species to our list of sightings for the day.

Photos by David Rodrigues

Whale watching tour 

Seeing a Fin whale from aboard our zodiac boat

Risso's dolphins

Whale watching tour from aboard our catamaran 

Common dolphin

Fin Whale

Risso dolphin

Fin whale

Risso's dolphins

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