Monday, April 30, 2018

Sperm whale day! The whale residents came to visit us!

Throughout the day we saw fin whales, the second largest animal in the world, that we are seeing more frequently in the baleen whale season. Also we could spot some common dolphins but the stars of our day were the Sperm whales! We could see a family of 5 adult individuals and 2 new-born calves! A big group of cory's shearwaters were also seen during our tours and an outsider bird specie the Eurasian collared dove. An amazing day in the company of our whale residents! 

In Pico Island we saw 3 fin whales and a hybrid between a blue and fin whale.

Fin whale head

Fin whale head

Looking at the fin whale in our species guide book

Sperm whale

Sperm whales

Sperm whales

Common dolphin

Cory's shearwater

Eurasian collared dove

Fin whale - Pico Island

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