Saturday, May 12, 2018

5 different species today!

We started this fantastic day with a very calm and serene conditions in the morning in which we saw fin whales and bottlenose dolphins just east of Ponta Delgada. The water was like a mirror which was really great for seeing the animals. In the afternoon we went the other direction of Ponta Delgada to see completely different animals, and this time with a little bit more wind on the water. 

We started our afternoon whale watching with a humpback whale - the same whale we have been seeing the past week as we could see from the unique markings on the underside of its tail. 

Next we had a fin whale, which to our surprise started feeding on small patches of krill at the surface. We could see the whale turning on its side and skimming along the surface with its mouth open to take in the krill. 

Seabirds were also taking advantage by diving down to pick some of the
krill up from the surface. We ended the day nice with a small group of curious bottlenose dolphins just before arriving back to the marina.

Photos by Miranda van der Linde & David Rodrigues

Bottlenose dolphin 

Fin whale open mouth underwater

Fin whale

Fin whale

Humpback whale tail

Bottlenose dolphin

Common dolphin

Risso's dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin

View from the catamanan


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