Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A juvenile Sperm whale and a lot of dolphins in our tours in São Miguel and Pico Islands

In São Miguel Island, we started the day with some waves, some wind and some clowds but well, we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean so it is not always perfect weather conditions. 

In the morning we saw botllenose dolphins, a very big group spread in a very big area. We continue our tour towards south because our lookout spoted a spout of a whale, unfortunately we didn't found any whale but a pod of common dolphins showed up very close to our boat.

Common dolphin

Watching dolphins

In the afternoon we started again with a pod of bottlenose dolphins but this time they were a very small pod with only babies and juveniles so they were always keeping the distance from the boats. Sometimes dolphins can be a little bit more protective when they have young ones in the group. 

To end the day in the best way we were still able to see a juvenile sperm whale showing the tail although the weather conditions.

Juvenile sperm whale

Sperm whale tail 

In Pico Island, the wavy sea was perfect for Common and Bottlenose dolphins! They love surfing the waves 😊 During our tour in Pico we also saw a male Sperm whale showing us his tail. 

Male Sperm whale tail

Common dolphins surfing 

Bottlenose dolphin surfing

Bottlenose dolphin

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