Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A very big Blue whale and a special bottlenose dolphin who we call Alvin

We started the day in São Miguel island with a pod of bottlenose dolphins, a lot of juveniles! The group was big but a little bit spread out.

In another area there was a fin whale, always close to the surface and very calm. Fin whales are the specie of ballen whales that we see the most. We also saw blue whales.

Bottlenose dolphins

Fin whale

Fin whale

Our dolphin swimming boat with bottlenose dolphins

In the afternoon we sighted again a pod of bottlenose dolphins but this time we knew a dolphin. Alvin was around! Alvin is a bottlenose dolphin with almost no dorsal fin. 

Watching bottlenose dolphins from our zodiac boat (the dolphin most to the left with the cut dorsal fin who we call Alvin)

Than we ended the day with something really big ...actually bigger is impossible, a blue whale also very calm and very close to the surface. We were able to see the blueish shadow under water during a lot of time.

Blue whale blow

Blue whale

Blue whale fin dorsal

Watching Bottlenose dolphin

Zodiac with Blue whale

Bottlenose dolphin

In Pico Island the day it was with Fin whales and common dolphins.
Photos by Rui Santos in whale watching tour - Pico island.

Fin whale and Common dolphin

Fin whale blow

Common dolphin

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