Tuesday, May 8, 2018

April 2018 Sighting and statistics

This April was wonderful!

During this month of 2018, we already encountered 8 different whale and dolphin species in our Atlantic Ocean.

The champions of this month were our resident Common and Bottlenose dolphins.

On the 3rd place, we have the Fin whales, our migratory species that appears so often during the Baleen Whale Season.

We also received the visit of the Blue whales. Since the 22nd, we are seeing them every day.

We had some surprises, like a Humpback whale which from our photos we could determine it was a whale we saw here last year. It was also seen off Iceland in 2016.
We had Minke whales, although they are not encountered as frequently.  

Our statistics from April show that the most encountered species was our resident:

Now we are looking forward to seeing what the month of May will bring us. Fingers crossed!

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