Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Blue whale day and a shining one!

This morning we were out with the two biggest animals in the world they were in the
same area, a blue whale and a fin whale. Moreover our resident species
bottlenose dolphins were seen by our zodiacs.
Then in the afternoon we went out again, and we shared a nice moment with a blue whale! Really impressive, the whale even showed the tail, a behavior quiet rare from this species. After the blue whale, our boats went to the area where the bottlenose dolphins were. Again, a really sociable and playful behavior. So, as it is said in the title another blue day here in São Miguel with a shining sun. Also the boats from swim with dolphins spotted a group of Risso‘s dolphins, a resident species from these water, but they didn't let us swim with them, they used to keep the distance with the boats and we respect them.

Blue whale

Blue whale tail

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins from our boat

Jumping Bottlenose dolphin

Fin whale

Common Tern

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