Monday, May 14, 2018

Blue whales, fin whales and a Remora all at once!

In São Miguel Island, Fin whales and bottlenose dolphins are still dominating our sightings.

We have been seeing these two species every single day now for more than 3 weeks, including today in the morning and afternoon. As always, we got to see some interesting things today, such as a juvenile bottlenose dolphin that had a remora (a type of fish) attached to its body. 

Remoras attach to a host such as rays, sharks, turtles, and dolphins so that they can catch a free ride and feed off the scraps from their host. Luckily this relationship does not negatively affect the host (in this case the young bottlenose dolphin).

In Pico Island we had different encounters...Can you imagine leaving shore and just 20km away from it seeing a super curious blue whale?! 

The blue whale was showing off the tail to us! After that we could be close to a fin whale that looked like sleeping on the surface or even a sperm whale with a calf? 

It is possible and today was like that in Pico Island.

Photos by Miranda van der Linde & Rui Santos

Bottlenose dolphin with a remora (fish) attached to its body  - São Miguel

Bottlenose dolphin - São Miguel

Bottlenose dolphins - São Miguel

Bottlenose dolphins - São Miguel

Fin whale - São Miguel

Fin whale - São Miguel

Fin whale - São Miguel

Blue whale tail . Pico Island

Fin whale. Pico Island

Fin whale. Pico Island

Sperm whale tail. Pico Island

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