Sunday, May 13, 2018

Busy day in the Azorean waters

Today the fin whales were just a few miles outside of Ponta Delgada and again they were feeding. In the afternoon we could even see one with its mouth open as well as the patches of krill the whales were feeding on. 

The group of bottlenose dolphins that we have been seeing every day the past weeks was also here today. In the morning we saw one of them playing with a plastic bag, jumping out of the water with the bag on its beak. Dolphins often play with seaweed in this way, but playing with plastic is worrying because it's a dangerous toy that can suffocate the  dolphin or accidentally swallowed. It's an important reminder to us that we need to significantly reduce how much plastic we use. Let's all start by not using plastic shopping bags, bottled water and plastic straws!

We also made a trip going out from the north coast of São Miguel Island; guess who also was there today? Our lovely group of bottlenose dolphins in which we have one of the members called ‘submarine’ because of the cut dorsal fin.

We also saw 3 fin whales; one adult and one mother with its calf; an amazing tour with amazing views of the north coast.

In Pico Island we also had a wonderful day, with blue whales, fin whales, risso's dolphins and sperm whales. A busy day in the azorean waters!

Photos by Rui Santos, Miranda van der Linde & Rafael Martins.

Blue whale diving

Fin whale

Risso's dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin with a plastic bag

Bottlenose dolphin

Fin whale

Bottlenose dolphins with "cutted" dorsal fin

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