Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fertile and healthy whales

In our two tours of today in São Miguel Island (morning and afternoon), we were with the same species, bottlenose dolphins and fin whales. The sightings of the group of bottlenose dolphin were really similar, they were the same group morning and afternoon and like always they were very curious and coming to have a look to our boats.

Bottlenose dolphins jumping 

Bottlenose dolphin closeup

Dolphin watching

Bottlenose dolphins jumping 

But the fin whale sightings were completely different, in the morning our catamaran was with a big whale and her small calf, so we can say that the whales are still fertile, also our zodiacs had the luck to see one fin whale going close to them and opening the mouth to take in some food.
We had a breathtaking moment when a Fin whale feeding passes under our boat! You can check this moment in our Facebook Page. A short video filmed by our guest Tomas Melus.
Then in the afternoon, our waters were full of fin whales, around at least that we saw 7 a bit spread out, giving us the chance to choose with wich one we wanted to be with.

Fin whale feeding

Fin whale blow in the afternoon

Fin whale body

Manta ray underwater 

In Pico Island we encountered sperm whales very curious but they did'n t show their tails! It's Nature!

Blowhole sperm whale

But we also saw common dolphins along with Fin whales. What a tender moment!

Fin whale and Common dolphins

Photos by Rafael Martins, Miranda van der Linde and Rui Santos

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