Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fin whales back again...and a pod of dolphins we know very well!

We started the day with one missing specie from yesterday, fin whales! We spoted two very calm fin whales side by side. We continued our tour and found a very well known pod of bottlenose. It was the pod of "egypcian" and "submarine", two bottlenose dolphins with a very particular dorsal fin. Our catamaran cetus was also able to see a small pod of common dolphins.

In the afternoon we also had the plesure to be in the company of another very calm fin whale ...aparently today was a resting day for the whales. Bottlenose dolphins also show up close to the boats this afternoon.

In Pico Island we had a cloudy day, but it was not a problem for us to see sperm whales, a juvenile blue whale and common dolphins :)

Photos from Mariana Silva, Rafael Martins and Rui Santos.

Sperm whales in Pico Island

Fin Whale

Bottlenose dolphin with remora

The bottlenose dolphin we call "egypcian"

"Egypcian" dorsal fin

Fin Whale close to the coast

Some of our boats from today

Bottlenose with a missing part in the tail

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