Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Humpback Whale breaching!

In both tours, morning and afternoon, we had seen the same species. 

One resident species of dolphins, bottlenose dolphin, that like always are in good mood to be with us, going close to the boat, jumping a lot and looking us as well we do dolphin watching they do human watching. 

And also we had seen fin whales so calm and also looking us. Then the species that make a really special day was a humpback whale, the same individual from yesterday and from 25 of April. And today afternoon, this one jump more than 20 times.  

Photos by Miranda van dre Linde & Rafael Martins

Humpback whale tail

Humpback whale breaching

Humpback whale breaching

Humpback whale

Bottlenose dolphin surfacing

Fin whale

A feeding frenzy: Cory's Shearwaters & Seagulls

Bottlenose dolphin

Humpback whale

Humpback whale breaching

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