Monday, May 28, 2018

Humpback whale jumping out of the water

In the morning we saw a humpback whale a little bit shy only showing the the back a little bit far away from the boat. After that we our lookout told us to go to an area where there was a vey nice pod of risso's dolphins. They were always around the boat which is not a very normal behaviour for this species, normally they keep the distance from us. Five minutes after, going south and we found a small pod of juvenilles bottlenose dolphins.

Risso's dolphin

In the aftternoon is when it got spetacular! The same humpback whale from the morning but this time with a very different behaviour. We could see a lot of different behaviors: jumping out of the water; tail slapping; saying "hello" with their huge pectoral fins; swimming upside down. 

Even for the crew it was someting extraordinary because it's not very normal to see this king of behaviour here in the azores ...but well, wild life can always suprises with moments like this. Better than any documentary!

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