Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sperm whale tails, Fin whales and a Humpback whale in our tours today

Today we've been in very good company in the Atlantic Ocean, in both islands!

The day in Pico Island was full of Sperm whales and we could photograph their tails! 
It was so nice 😊 We are getting used to receive these stunning photos from our colleague biologist Rui Santos all the time!

Sperm whale tail in Pico Island tour

Sperm whale tail in Pico Island tour

Thanks to the photo-ID that we also do in Pico Island we have the guarantee that we encountered the same Blue whale we saw yesterday. It's worth remembering that the Blue whales can easily be detected from great a distance because the strong vertical blow reaches up to 12 m in height (lung capacity is about 5,000 liters). 

Blue whale blow

And of course,  we also saw Fin whales and Common dolphins in Pico Island. 

Fin whale blow 

Common dolphins

In São Miguel Island we had fin whales feeding off again. In the morning we could even see some of them surfacing with their mouths open to take in krill (small shrimps) that they filter out of the water. 

Fin Whale Feeding

In the afternoon we also encountered a humpback whale as well as the fin whales. It was the same humpback whale that we have been seeing during the past week and a half, as well as in April, so it's nice to see that this whale is sticking around. 

Humpback Tail

Humpback Whale

Even the bottlenose dolphins came to have a look at this humpback whale that was very close to the coastline. 

The bottlenose dolphins were seen all day, and in the afternoon we also saw common dolphins to add to our list of sightings. 

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Risso's dolphin head

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