Friday, May 4, 2018

The perfect spring day in the company of marine wildlife

Today the ocean looks like a mirror, reflecting everything at the surface. Calm and still. We started our tour with a big group of bottlenose dolphins and then our lookout send us to see several fin whales; they were very calm and looked like they were just there floating and a bit curious with the boats. After this encounter we had a very rare sighting, Blainville’s beaked whales, this is a very shy species. On our way back to Ponta Delgada we also got to see some common dolphins swimming in the direction of Cory's shearwaters that were feeding. (The smell of the fish was super intense!).

In the afternoon we barely got out of the harbor, all the animals were so close to the shore! We saw some bottlenose dolphins bow-riding our boats, and one of them had half of its dorsal fin, which made him unique for us. After the dolphins, we saw a fin whale and a blue whale. When we were leaving the blue whale, another one joined to say goodbye to all of us. The perfect spring day in the ocean.

Cory's shearwaters close to our boat

Fin whale blowholes

Fin whale dorsal

Cory's shearwaters

Beaked whale

Fin whales

Blue whale

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