Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Today we collected krill

Today we had a really special day in the sea; the highlight is that today something unusual happened; the krill (main diet of fin and blue whales) was at surface of the ocean; making the fin whales very active on the surface of the ocean; mouth open, whales passing very close to our boat… amazing show and rare in here. We were able to collect some samples of krill and of whale poo for our researches.
Bottlenose dolphins also were around, as with the krill we had also fish,
something magical!
In the afternoon we also saw a shy humpback whale together with the whales
A memorable day in Sao Miguel island for baleen whales

Photos by David Rodrigues & Mariana Silva

Krill data

Fin whale feeding & krill jumping out of the water

Fin whale next to a bottlenose dolphin

Humpback whale diving

Fin whale

Bottlenose Dolphin Belly

Bottlenose Dolphins mating

Bottlenose Dolphin Jumping

Fin Whale with Bottlenose Dolphin

Fin Whale Belly

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Fin whale tail

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