Monday, May 7, 2018

Visit from a familiar humpback whale today in our tours | Monday

Today was another fantastic day with a lot of whales and dolphins to see in São Miguel.

In the morning we were surrounded by very calm fin whales that seemed to be surfacing in slow motion as they came to breathe near our boats. The whales looked very relaxed in the calm and flat blue water that reminded us of summer. 

We also had a visit from a familiar humpback whale today. By photographically identifying this whale's tail we could recognise it from the 25th of April as well as from April 12th and 13th in 2017. 

The dolphins were also delightful today, especially since they were very curious and we could see them very well in the calm and clear water. We encountered both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, so 4 cetacean species in total today.

Photos by Miranda van der Lindes & Mariana Silva

Humpbak whale surfacing

Humpback whale arching up to dive

Humpback whale diving

Humpback whale tail and ID photo

Bottlenose dolphin face

Common dolphin blowing bubbles

Watching Common dolphins

Fin whale blow

Fin whale surfacing in a calm ocean

Juvenile bottlenose dolphin surfacing alongside an adult

Seeing one of the fin whales from aboard our catamaran

Common dolphins - notice the calf in the middle

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