Sunday, May 27, 2018

We saw 6 different species of cetaceans in one day!

Yes! We made it! For the first time this year, we found 6 species of cetaceans in the same day in Pico Island: sperm whales, fin whale, common dolphins, risso's dolphins, striped dolphins and pilot whales :)

In Sao Miguel Looks like our resident whales are back! Today, both in morning and afternoon, we had to go to the western part of the island, at a certain point we were able to see the south and north part of the island at the same time. But it was worth it! 

There was a group of sperm whales very calm in the surface and we still got to see a baby alongside with a female and some tails as well.

In the morning there was still time for a group of common dolphins and in the afternoon again the common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. 

Photos by Mariana Silva, Rui Santos, David Rodrigues & Rui Rodrigues

Bottlenose dolphins jumping

Sperm whale's tail

Fin whale in Pico Island

Pilot whales in Pico Island

Sperm whale diving

Striped dolphin

Risso's dolphin in Pico Island

Common dolphin

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