Saturday, June 9, 2018

4 resident species and first Atlantic spotted dolphins

Another great day around the Azorean waters. Looks like that we are at the end of the migratory species, but our resident species are on fire!!! 

In the morning we spotted a group of bottlenose dolphin in an area of sperm whales. The sperm whales they were feeding because as we know they go for a feeding dive when they show the tail going deep to hunt giant squid, and we saw a lot of tails. 

Bottlenose dolphins

Sperm whale at surface

Sperm whale tail

But the ocean had another surprise for us...  Atlantic spotted dolphins!!  A seasonal dolphin that arrives here when the waters are warmers, so pick up your towel and let's go for a swim we start to have warmer water. 

Then in the afternoon,  going in the way to see the sperm whales a group of Risso's dolphin showed up, so we stopped to see them. Then when we arrived in the sperm whale area some common dolphins appeared to make the waiting time funnier and faster. 
We sighted some more sperm whale tails and then we went home with a smile in our face. 

Atlantic Spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins slapping the water 

Risso's dolphins

Cory's shearwater fighting

Sperm Whales with tip off the island

Also we think that the group of sperm whales that we saw today are the same from yesterday. Thanks ocean to give these amazing moments.

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