Thursday, June 7, 2018

A lot of turtles in Pico Island and Sperm whales in São Miguel

In Pico Island, we had a surprise with a lot of turtles with little fishes around. It seemed to be 8 Loggerhead turtles. It was a fantastic moment! In our tour, we also encountered Risso's dolphins and Common dolphins.

Learn more about loggerhead turtle, the most common seen in the Azores.

Risso's dolphin

Common dolphin

In São Miguel Island in the morning we had a group of sperm whales not far from Ponta Delgada. Several different individuals were spread out over a large area, including at least two young ones that were seen from one of our boats. A breach (whale jumping out of the water) was also seen from one of our small boats, a great and rare moment indeed! 

Sperm whale tail

Sperm whale 

We also enjoyed the company of a large group of bottlenose dolphins during the day, both from our whale watching boats and swimming with dolphins boat. 

In the afternoon it looked like some of the swimmers were very lucky to have a few curious dolphins swimming close to them. To finish this adventurous day out on the ocean we encountered a group of striped dolphins, which as they usually do, put on a great show for us with their energetic leaps out of the water. 

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