Saturday, June 16, 2018

Families of spotted dolphins, lots of sperm whales and more!

Today we had an authentic summer day, we are pretty sure some of our clients and some of our crew members have been burnt by the sun!

Ocean was clean and calm with no waves or movements which is great to see the cetaceans.

We started in the morning with 3 dolphin species: common, spotted and bottlenose. Dolphins are on summer mood, especially the lovely spotted that have arrived in big, curious groups with many babies, some of the dolphins we were seeing were like one day old!

Sperm whales were seen in the two tours, both in the morning and in the afternoon; today we can say we have many new tails for our tail catalogue; even a breaching was seen in the afternoon!

Photos by Marina Gardoki

Sperm whale

Spotted dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Sperm whale diving

Huge sperm whale

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