Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mr Liable is back!

Today was another gorgeous summer day in São Miguel. We had perfect conditions and some really great sightings throughout the day.

In the morning we started with a family of sperm whales that included at least 6 adults and a calf. We were lucky to see many tails from the adults as they went on their deep feeding dives.

After the sperm whales we encountered two sei whales that were really great to watch in the calm ocean.

Photos by Miranda Van der Linde & Mariana Silva

Sei whale blowing

Sei whale

We also encountered a loggerhead turtle in the morning as well as bottlenose dophins, although the whales were really the stars of the show during the morning tour.

Loggerhead turtle

Bottlenose dolphin

In the afternoon we had a male sperm whale to see, which turned out to be the familiar Mr Liable who we know really well. It was the first time this year that we encountered Mr Liable so it was nice to have him back with us, and he also seemed to be comfortable in our presence, as he was very calm and seemed to be sleeping, according to his slow breathing rate. We also had a brief encounter with some bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon, so in the end it was a great day with whales and dolphins for all to see.

Observing bottlenose dolphins

Sperm whale (Mr. Liable)

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