Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pilot whales and the biggest surprise

A good day here close to São Miguel Island, this morning we went quite far from Ponta Delgada, but it didn't matter because we saw a nice group of pilot whales

Pilot whales and our zodiac

Pilot whale

Pilot whales from our catamaran

When we were coming back we spotted a big group of bottlenose dolphins which were really playful, when we were leaving the area the dolphin started to surf the waves of our catamaran doing amazing jumps.

Bottlenose jumping

Bottlenose jumping - part II

Bottlenose with plastic on its tail

In the afternoon we were having a normal tour at the beginning seeing our resident species; the bottlenose dolphins,  then our lookout sent us to an area where we got the biggest surprise... Yeah the biggest species of the world was there; a blue whale!!  It was a big surprise because we were not expecting to see this whale in this period of the year, but dealing with nature is like that, you never know what we will see. 

Blue whale

Blue whale blow

Loggerhead turtle

Loggerhead turtle

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